Traces—the archaeology of small things, 7th National Monuments Service annual archaeology conference

7th National Monuments Service annual archaeology conference

12 October 2024, The Printworks, Dublin Castle

Traces—the archaeology of small things

Monuments and well-preserved artefacts are what usually come to mind when we think of archaeology, but archaeologists can glean a lot from small things too. This conference will take us from the micro to the macro. We will hear about how items like minuscule pollen grains or small everyday artefacts can fill out the story of a peopled landscape or reveal an overlooked community; investigate some more surprising research into the past through the senses of sound, taste and smell; and take a close look at the finer details of medieval metalwork and manuscripts to reveal the work of skilled craftspeople.

In person and online.

Full programme and booking arrangements will be available shortly.

Archaeology Ireland – The past in the present

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