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The Archives and Collections Working Group will be a broad working group addressing themes such as selection, disposal and archive management and several of the key objectives of the Archaeology 2030 Strategy under: 

Aim 1: Archaeology on the Ground Standards, guidance and procedures that enable good archaeological practice; Aim 2 – Understanding the PastMaking knowledge and understanding more accessible; and Aim 3 – Sustaining The Historic EnvironmentThe historic environment is managed, protected and actively cared for. 

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Key Areas:
  • The Historic Environment Record of Northern Ireland (HERoNI) is managed and augmented to provide a comprehensive and up to date record which informs appropriate decision-making 
  • Archaeological artefacts and their associated records are appropriately stored, curated, and made accessible 
  • The value of heritage, and the associated archives and records, is articulated effectively, understood, and appreciated at all levels and ages of society 

Strategic Objectives

Quality and Procedures; Accessibility; Engagement; Protection and Value

Participants and Collaboration

Under the themes of Archaeology on the Group and Understanding the Past, the Working Group will work with NMNI and local museums, archives and repositories, and sectoral bodies to develop selection, retention and disposal guidance, and collaborative archive management approaches. Key organisations should be involved in developing policy and establishing the need for legislative change under the theme of Sustaining the Historic Environment. Collaboration with the Engagement and Heritage Outreach Working Group would also be key in ensuring that the value of heritage, and associated archives and records, is articulated effectively, understood, and appreciated at all levels and ages of society under Engaging and Enriching People’s Lives. 

Key People

Working Group Chair: Emma McBride

Emma has been involved in the development of key elements of the Historic Environment Record of Northern Ireland, including the Defence Heritage Record, the HERoNI drawing, photographic and thematic survey archive, as well as furthering the accommodation and accessibility of archaeological artefact collections and archives from excavations. Emma sits on the Project Board as the chair for the Archives and Collections Working Group.

Emma McBride – Senior Archaeologist

Working Group Chair

Draft Working Group Action Plan

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