Regulatory Activities


The Regulatory Activities Working Group will address several key objectives of the Strategy under: Aim 1: Archaeology on the Ground and Aim 3 – Sustaining the Historic Environment. 

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Key Areas:
  • The development management/ planning system recognises the importance of heritage assets and consistently applies policies and procedures to ensure their protection  
  • Licensing and consenting policies and procedures ensure good practice and quality results  
  • Procedures and systems meet the needs of archaeological work being carried out now and, in the future,  
  • Archaeological work is well-designed and enables the long-term research value and public benefits to be realised. 

Strategic Objectives

Standards; Protection; Quality and Procedures; Value

Outputs will be developed and delivered under several connected sub-groups, dealing with themes such as legislation and the use of detecting devices, guidance relating to the Treasure Act, heritage enforcement, archaeological licencing, and compliance.  

Participants and Collaboration

Strong links with Working groups including the Standards and Guidance Working Group and Legislation Working Group are encouraged when addressing the topics of compliance and enforcement, while wider dialogue with the commercial sector, and other bodies and organisations undertaking archaeological survey and research, would feed into discussions regarding the importance of publication and public benefits. 

Key People

Dr Vicky Ginn

Working Group Co-Chair, Historic Environment Division

Vicky is currently an archaeologist within the Heritage Development and Change Branch, Historic Environment Division. Vicky is a keen prehistorian, with a PhD in Irish Bronze Age settlement.

Draft Working Group Action Plan

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