Sectoral Communication and Advocacy


The Advocacy and Sectoral Communications Working Group will address several of the key objectives of the Archaeology 2030 Strategy under Aim 3 – Sustaining The Historic Environment and Aim 4: Engaging and Enriching People’s Lives. 

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Key Areas:
  • Developing communications and media channels for Archaeology 2030 outputs 
  • Developing sectoral communications and networking opportunities 
  • Developing communications and learning opportunities for other Bodies and Decision makers- council engagement, government engagement etc. 
  • Encouraging active care and management of heritage assets by landowners and communities 
  • Ensuring that heritage is integrated within policy to ensure the ongoing maintenance and survival of heritage assets for future generations. 

Strategic Objectives

Value; Collaborative Opportunities; Accessibility  

Outputs will be developed and delivered under two connected sub-groups ‘Advocacy’ and ‘Sectoral Communications’. As the Sectoral Communications sub-group will also assist with the overall delivery and communication of the Archaeology 2030 strategy, and amplify communications surrounding Archaeology 2030 outputs, the group will operate throughout the lifecycle of the project.  

Participants and Collaboration

Developing Sectoral Communications will require a sector specific working group to improve how we speak to each other in the profession, and how we connect to and advocate for the wider heritage sector. The Advocacy sub-group will focus on developing and improving engagement with local authorities and decision makers, and continuing to provide strong advice, and where necessary, challenges, as part of the development plan process. An additional element of this working group will also deal with the development of key topics such as Land Use, Sustainability and Climate Change, related threats to heritage, and the Care and Management of archaeological resources.  

Key People

Working Group Chair: Rebecca Enlander

Rebecca joined Archaeology 2030 in January 2021 as Project Officer, and has recently began co-chairing the Sectoral Communication and Advocacy Working Group. Rebecca competed her masters in Archaeological Practice at Orkney (UHI) and PhD in prehistoric rock art at Queen’s University, Belfast. Since then, she has worked across the UK and Ireland in excavation and consultancy positions, and has been working for HED since 2019 as a curatorial archaeologist. Rebecca was the Project Officer for Archaeology 2030 (2021-2022), and now sits on the Project Board as Co- Chair for the Advocacy and Sectoral Communications Working Group.

Project Officer (2021-2022) / Archaeologist

Draft Working Group Action Plan

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